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Hello! My name is Marco Stahl and I am a music composer from Berlin/Germany. I started to compose music back in 1998 using Fasttracker 2 as the weapon of choice. My first chiptunes were created back in 1999 and greatly influenced by the works of the Swedish composer Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking). In 2000 I joined the digital art scene and focused on music for art packs, demos and plenty of (mostly Orion) keygens. My prefered music softwares are Renoise & Milkytracker and I love to coop! :)

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Download 2010 (23MB) - List of 2010 Content
Download 2006 (17MB) - List of 2006 Content
Download 2005 (04MB) - List of 2005 Content
Download 2004 (18MB) - List of 2004 Content
Download 2003 (12MB) - List of 2003 Content
Download 2002 (30MB) - List of 2002 Content
Download 2001 (30MB) - List of 2001 Content
Download 2000 (25MB) - List of 2000 Content

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-= Thanks

- Arachno, Dubmood, Dalezy, Rez, Lizardking, WOTW, Maktone
- Team Orion, Team cRo, Team S!P for the greatest time ever!
- Salademais for converting my stuff to *.mp3 (http://raborak.com/saladedemais/dualtrax-music-archive)
- These Youtube freaks for listening my stuff over and over (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8gUyMLyAMU)